Conflict checked

Patent attorneys love conflict checks. And they love talking about them and rrrrrrisks. 

In truth most things aren’t that conflictitious. 

What patent attorneys need is a conflict check app. 

You could enter a proposed client name and technical area and then, using sophisticated patent mapping techniques, the proposed client could be placed in the patent landscape. The database should know which patent documents already list your firm as an address for service; so you will know how connected you are other other patent rights in the network. 

The attorney will be delivered a conflict score. And you can only take the client if you fall below a certain interconnectedness threshold (the score). 

You could notify your insurer and request a drop in premiums for the derisking of it. 

Also you could see more clearly in which areas you can go after new work without causing yourself a problem (by getting mixed up in the practices of your partners). 

It would take out all the guesswork. And all the conversations about this and that. Which to be frank are all verrrry similar over and over. 

It could also flag certain clients as bad debtors or give a madness score. Then you know whether to send that one packing even if the app gives you the big thumbs up. 


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