The cashcow broke the fence 

When government moves into a commercial space, it needs to remember that patent rights exist. 

They grant patents, so one would expect that they think of them. And check whether they are infringing patent rights. But my guess is that in some blind attempt to “help” the government  moves into a service space and blunders into their own patent thickets. Without thinking or doing any checks for freedom to commercially operate (FTO) at all. 

If you are suitably outraged when a government department encroaches beyond their (perceived) ambit, have a think. A cash cow just wandered into the field. Broke the fence and started eating the green-back grass. This could be an opportunity doubled up. 

On the first hand, a quick and skilful FTO could reveal a bunch of land mine IP rights that they just overlooked. This is embarrassing, ja. At least it makes the point that they should stay on their side of the fence. 

Furthermore, secondly, the cashcow can now be milked for licence fees. You can stay here infringing on my grass, but it will cost you. Streams and buckets of milky government cash. 

If the government department happens to be the Patent Office, one might even use their own nifty patent search tool to tie them up in knots.

Find a few dodgy areas of patent rights that they have wandered into. Better still find a few pending rights from which divisionals could be spun out and weaponised. Specifically. And find a troll to buy all those patent rights. And kaching.


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