I don’t understand why everyone involved in a university course is in such a hurry. 

It’s do this, do that, by this date with this many clicks and by that time. I’m about 2 Lectures behind and all sorts of eager discussion lags. And I’m just wondering was it always so frantic? I’m casting back to my days as a professional student. And thinking: jeez am I allowed to actually learn any of this and absorb it? I haven’t even figured out how to buy the text book yet, and most people seem to have already tagged it all and opened their own clinics.

How about a uni course that lets me just listen to lectures and move to the next stage when I’m ready. Fuck falling behind someone elses timetable. It’s all prerecorded  anyway…? I can do it my way and slow roast the good topics and write my own blogs as I go. And do the coursework in my own good time. Thank you very much. Ain’t I the customer here. And as for the exam, or coursework submission,  well, just make a few dates per year and I have to hit one or the other. If I feel like it.

Perhaps there is a concern that taught subject matter will go out of fashion? But so far as I know, you can finish within five years part time. And if I go past the end date, then just make me do some top up courses or something which only further monetises my stupid idea anyways. 

This way of educating is retarded. Well, it’s a one size fits all, and I see a market need. A smart uni that wins these 250 online students with flexibility. What am I missing?


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