I don’t care if there is another global financial crisis. 

It strikes me that I would care more if I had a bank account full of numbers.  But I don’t have much. So I don’t care. 

As I see it, money (physical or fiat) is just a trading tool. It leverages the reciprocity of human beings. But we can survive without it – for the most part. And if we can’t then a few people will die until the system self corrects and life becomes sustainable. 

A problem might exist if I had a lot of money because it would suddenly become less valuable. Which would just make me mad because we don’t like losing our shit. 

This reminds me of Walter White from Breaking Bad with all his money stuffed in an oil drum. He’s so terrified someone will steal it that he lives isolated in a log cabin while it is buried outside. $$$

The way it looks to me is that economies inflate because people like getting rich. They get rich and drink champagne and party with hookers all based on smoke and mirrors until the charade collapses. 

It collapses because eventually enough people that aren’t getting rich have a tantrum about it or something. 

And the ones who freak out about a looming collapse are the rich people. 

It all seems pretty human. 


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