Keep it to yourself 

The there is nothing for me in psychoanalysing either of my parents, and finding that more than half of what they did, intentionally or otherwise, was skew-whiff.

I can already tell without doubt that they were a pair of half baked nuggets. 

I also know beyond doubt that they love me; think and care about my welfare; and in their own ways want the best for me. They never abused me; I was always fed and safe. I always felt like I had a home, and that they would help me out, no matter what happened. 

So, in so far as parents go they are a ginormous success.

Some of the teachings they gave me, or wisdom they thought they were passing on to me, is total shite. And it just took me 40 years to unpick some of it. This isn’t their malevolence. It’s up to me to keep or chuck it. 

To absurd logical extension, it’s better not to tell your kids anything and just let them live their lives all safe and loved. I can’t see any harm in being a mentor, but much beyond that and you risk doing what my parents did, which is sharing faulty wisdom when there is no absolute truths. 


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