Astral fears 

Speaking of beliefs, these people having astral projections really believe it’s happening. 

And I mean it’s not just “oh yeah I had some cool dream where I was flying”; they are one hundred percent sure they are out of their bodies and walking around. 

To be honest I think the whole thing is sightly terrifying and I don’t plan on trying it. 

Apparently there is some craze for astral sex. There are orgies happening every night on the astral plane. Possibly every 14 year old boy on the planet is there. 

But you have to be careful not to bring a demon back with you. Because he might rape you over and over. I guess that could suck or not depending on how good he is in the sack. 

The process of astral projecting – at least the instructions on how to do it as reported – sound a little bit like Arthur Dent teaching you how to fly. Simply put, fall to sleep but miss and don’t actually fall to sleep. Then just get up in your astral body and walk out the front door. Easy. 

Just as with “flying” (fall over and forget to hit the ground) it’s best done accidentally. One guy reports falling over a log and “pop” he’s looking down at himself on the ground. So he potters off and has an out of body adventure. 

People report seeing other beings like walking dead people. And they are always connected to their own bodies by a silver cord. One thing they all seem to agree on is that you never wake up in a different body. 

One has to smell a rat there? If your soul is off traversing the other planes why for would it always come back to the same body place. Why not just jump into anyone else that happens to have vacated their earthly vessel. The whole thing should be a reported outrage at that dingo that stole my body! Unless. 

Unless you haven’t gone anywhere and are actually just having some ginormous trip experience in your own head. 

Mostly, my waking life is one ginormous trip experience. Funny little things are happening all the time if you look closely enough. This plane is good enough for me.



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