Out OF My MiNd

Having done some reading I have decided my lover is astral projecting. This seems to be a hippy term for Out Of Body Experience, which they always write with CAPS, presumably to add weight to the phenomenon.

I just gave it a go using some recommended techniques. Something about laying still and climbing a rope out of your body. Then voila you skiddle off and have sex with demons in the fourth dimension and some other sounding excitement. 

Within two seconds, I knew I was not escaping my body. My soul grounded into my body and said: no way. We ain’t leaving. Perhaps this grounded soul makes me extra heavy. 

However, what I did find upon further meditation is that rather than Out Of Body Experience, where my consiousness would go with my mind and leave my body behind; I can have Out Of Mind Experience, where my mind fucks off and I stay as only my body. I’ve had that plenty of times. Very often during sex actually. It makes sense that both would exist if there’s a dichotomy why would be have to take one path (mind/body) or another. 

It feels like a sensory experience only nothing comes from anywhere in particular.


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