My guess is people who don’t want to live the Subaru life still do…they just live at the edges of the bell curve.

However you slide it, most of the risk has been engineered out of all our lives – we’re not stupid. We have babies and we want them to be safe. She had better drive a Subaru, Ja. 

So, we the rejecters, smoke dirty cigarettes against all good advice, buy unusual cars because they are unusual, and sometimes leave our husbands or wives because we can, and quit our jobs to run something like: start ups. 

It’s a Subaru life under protest. A Citroen life. 

Of course the real protesters have no car at all. And find their way to the tiny extremes of the bell curve where people gasp at the rebellion. That’s how you know you are at the edges of the bell curve when people garssssp. Possibly our children do not play any sport at the weekend, garrrrsssssp. 

I suspect it’s just hard work sitting at this pointy end, because you are still under the bell curve you just have to expend energy not to float back to the middle. And check for gasps regularly in case a majority of the others have floated up to your narrow wedge. That would mean you have to move farther out. 

It might be possible to escape the bell completely if you joined a commune. Or lived like an ex-professor on a grassy knoll in Taringa. You might consider buying a second hand mustang off Joey and holidaying in Papua New Guniea.

But my guess is based on our evolutionary habits, and a desire to survive, resistance to the Subaru life is reasonably futile. 


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