A fool and her money 

I am not going to the Ekka.

As an idealist optimist, it takes a lot to break my resolve and push me into disenchantment. About a big fancy event with rides and flashy sounds and bags and balloons, anyway. 

The Ekka has succeeded. I am not going back there ever. 

It was overpriced. I was financially raped, over and over. Financially gang-raped every where I turned. 

With kids it was a nightmare; everything was designed to be alluring, and everything cost a lot of money. I felt helpless. Did I mention financially raped. It was the opitome of an event designed to part anyone from their money, with hardly even the bother of a thin-veiled disguise. 

I feel real fear for this thing. And fear means stay away or you might get your head chopped off. 


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