I’ve been to paradise 

The process of personal enlightenment involves (IMHO) slowly casting off the effects of ego comparison. 

The effects of ego comparison could result in vanity, inferiority, brashness, selfishness, insecurity, over-confidence, a manic desire to succeed, narcissism (an attempt at dettachement), arrogance. And so on. Anything that comes from how you feel you are perceived (or wish to be perceived) by others.

It can take many years to cast of the effects of the superego’s training to measure up. There are corners and crannies in which the ego hides creating current. 

Actual enlightenment comes when you no longer make the ego comparison. It happens as an emergence from other learnings. 

In Siddhartha, he immerses himself in exuberance and material things. His ego compares itself and finds it had all things. He is a master of the material world. He is king in ego comparison. 

The process of enlightenment might need this immersion – to pop out the other side into acceptance. Acceptance is the antithesis of comparison. It’s the mark of the enlightened.

Acceptance is a connection into the self. Opening your ego only to your own heart and deriving what you need internally, not externally. 

On a desert island the process of enlightenment would be accelerated is my guess. 

Boredom in any form is a motivator for change. When that feeling comes upon you its best to shake it up. 


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