Enlightenment isn’t about detaching from others it’s about ceasing/decreasing any “comparisons”; I postulateth.

The comparisons can end in  feelings generated by superiority/grandiose. Or feelings generated by inferiority/subservience. Not much good can come of it. 

But it’s human nature; must have a function; probably makes sure we aren’t too odd off the side of the herd to be eaten by wilder beasts.

Today, I discovered one cannot certify ones own documents. Even if one is legally allowed to certify papers and has a stamp and everything. 

Upon questioning, I could find no good reason why I could not certify my own document as a true copy of the original, when i could certify  the persons next to me. 

It’s as if I would have some immediately potential for fraudulent behaviour if left to certify my own devices. 

Perhaps we are all afraid that with out comparison to others, we will race to the bottom of an uncertified pit of debauchery. Do a self-check. 


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