Trump and the case of campaign finances 

I’m not sure why everyone is so worried about Trumps fund raising for his campaign. Apparently Hillary has 42m and The Donald only has 1.3m. Or something. 

He is presently the most famous man on the planet. What does he need the campaign finance for? 


He has his own plane…! Just fly around and give presentations. Surely he can afford a bit of jet fuel. 

Does he need finance for tv adverts and articles? 

Everyone is writing about him anyways! He has more free publicity than any one in the history of free publicity. He just needs to fly around and say stupid shit. The media love him. 

Perhaps he needs to pay salaries?

Well, that may be the case but I also bet there’s a whole bunch of people that would do it for nothing. Ask for volunteers and give them jobs in your organisation afterwards. 

Hosting fancy dinners? 

Do it at Mar-a-Lago or whatever it’s called. 

If I was The Donald I would use my low campaign funds as a way to distinguish myself from the cash cow upper class Clinton type bogans. Go grass roots. Say we can make America great without having to be a part of the cashed up club of elitism.

The fact he wants to be a part of that club will only be oxy-moronic, but he can say anything he likes even if it doesn’t make sense. 


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