Shoot the gorilla 

How about we put your four year old in the enclosure, and see what decision you would make. 

Well, that doesn’t work in all cases, because the gorilla may have shot himself if my four year old daughter had fallen in. 

The background is that after 38 years of no incident, some little kid climbs over a barrier at a US zoo and falls into the gorilla enclosure. So they shot the gorilla. 

I have to say; the fact that no one fell for 38 years sounds relevant. But, it’s not. In my view, they have been lucky for 38 years. Luck for a long period doesn’t equal due diligence or duty of care. Kids climb and if it’s possible to climb and fall they should have mitigated that. 

You can’t even smoke and eat in a pub nowadays. We mitigate risks. We are so good at it sometimes you can’t even put a bbq near your swimming pool fence (for the climbing risk). That’s even unaustralian and yet t happens. Being able to fall into a gorilla enclosure seems like a risk they should have mitigated. 

Anyway, the kid falls in and the gorilla pulls him around for ten minutes. Eventually, they shoot the beast. They couldn’t tranquillise the  gorilla in case he went mad before he passed out.

The truth is they couldn’t afford not to shoot him. If the gorilla killed the kid the lawsuit would have sunk them.

That’s American logic. The choices aren’t made solely on moral grounds.

Anyway, at least now they know how to get rid of Donald Trump. Push a 4 year old in his path, wait till he picks him up, and say they had no choice. There’s a precedent set. 


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