Notes to self 

According to Herman here are the experiences or innate abilities one should have to achieve enlightenment:

1. A place to escape to within yourself. This Sid found by practicing the art of meditating, concentrating, fasting, waiting. 

2. The ability to challenge dogma. He found this innate. 

3. The gumption to listen to the voice inside yourself and do what it says. Eat ice cream, fuck sexy people, gamble. 

4. The self discipline to stop listening to the voice inside yourself when you are doing all the fun things and not finding it fun any more. 

5. To fall in love. To open ones heart: you can’t force this one. (And by association to feel the pain and suffering that is the tinge of that lovely experience).

6. The ability to share your pain and your weakness with another person and allow it to consume you. 


You know there must be a seven I reckon, because each of those experiences i have listed above, relate to a chakra. 

And only when the associated chakra is open can that experience be had. That’s the hidden theme of the book. 

I just listed them out and crown chakra is missing. Opened to oneness. 

That’s the fecking river. Yeah man. I am a professional hippy.

And it came last. The crown. Maybe the book is a good guide to the process for opening your “self” and the chakra. 

Having done a look see myself I can see that it is my root chakra I need to work on. All the others are pretty good. Or, in my words and avoiding dogma, I know what I gotta do. I can’t articulate it but I know what this means. It has nothing to do with wanky Chakras, or placebo meditation or anything you read in a book. I know intuitively what to do. 

(A friend of mine knew this intuitively too, recently. That it was my root. He told me to listen to music).

The one he (my friend) needs to work on (only) is his throat chakra. And again, I don’t really know what this means but I feel it. He is very open to. It’s not just him speaking his truth to open or anything wanky or contrived. It’s him having the experience Sid had. Him showing his pain and allowing it to encompass him. Allowing someone to bear witness but also it has nothing to do with the other. It’s turning it in on yourself. 

We both bring those things out in each other. The experiences we are looking for. 

You know what, I also just know: I am his Vasudeva for his throat (as I label it) and he is my Vasudeva for my root (as I label it). 

We are pretty cool. 


Item 1 is his root chakra. His connection to himself. Embodied. 

Item 2 is his third eye chakra. Sid felt he always had this insight. 

Item 3 sacral chakra. Voluntary 

Item 4 solar plexus chakra (interesting he could only exercise this once he had opened the sacral. This was also noted by Mark Twain)

Item 5 heart. Involuntary. 

Item 6 throat. Voluntary. 

Then crown. Openable once the others were open. 


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