Connection Cafe 

Running a little cafe business could be fun. 

I’m thinking good coffee, simple food. Doing it in a relaxed way so that it’s something that’s curious to do. Trying things out food and beverage wise. 

Given that I spend all day giving IP advice, one thing I will offer is free mentoring through the patent system. All you have to do it buy coffee and a Danish and I’ll chit chat away. I do it now all day anyway. 

But no pressure – all I’m selling is pastries. 

I might make the odd referral here and there. 

For example some fella might need a biotech patent attorney. Or a good mechanical attorney for drafting. If someone needs analytics, I can send them to the right people. A good potential employee might get sent to a recruiter. 

I will have a network of service providers and eventually – if I shuffle enough heir way – they might even pay me a kick back for the referred work. 

It’s like one of those Instagram businesses that pay because you have “followers”. Only my followers are customers that come to a real place for real coffee. 

In an electronic world I’m thinking about going old school. Real people and real conversation. It’s sort of two businesses in one. 

People might queue up down the street. 

And if they don’t. Who cares. I’ll eat the Danishes myself. 


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