I dived down a rabbit hole of multiple personality disorders today. Apparently this is the old term for the new disorder now labelled dissociative identity disorder. 

One can only imagine that some identities lacked personality. 

Anyway, what I learned was that each identity can have (within the same physiological vessel) very different physical attributes. 

There are reports of different ocular issues (some identities needing glasses, and others not); different intestinal disorders (some identities having food allergies or intolerances and others not); and different endocrine function. 

Basically the physical parameters when measured reveal a different person. 

It stands to reason, if you were to occupy my body, this body would behave very differently. 

The reason I am curious is because I like the idea of our issues not being wholly physical, which is to say we can’t just have something wrong and then give up (mentally) because there’s nothing we can do about it.  It’s a system working together.

Taken to the extreme, we can mind over matter, but I don’t think it’s that simple. 

Clearly, if you break your leg all the identities will have a broken leg, so there must be a physical threshold above which the mind cannot influence.

Similarly, there may be a mental issue that effects all the identities beyond which the body can have no effect. I don’t really know what that means, but it balances.

I am curious to know if brain chemistry, and illnesses such as depression are identity dependent. My guess is yes. 

This curiosity follows from a post yesterday from a hippy that lamented his inability to correct his depression notwithstanding his positive mental attitude and daily yoga, meditation and vegan practices. He said he has to admit sometimes there’s just something physically wrong and there’s nothing the mind can functionally do about it. It’s a body fail. 

I suppose I agree that there is no amount of thinking or willing that can change the felt body. Perhaps in small ways but not major changes. 

The rabbit hole feelings comes from the hopelessness of it all. We are who we are. We might be able to shave off some rough edges but ultimately there’s this big core of felt experience. You can try to feel more to change the internal landscape, but you can’t direct it.  Even an attempt at a positive experience could get stored in the reptilian brain as danger. 

Mostly you have Buckley’s chance of revolutionising yourself. So you may as well be as you are and enjoy it. 

Even if it’s shit. 


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