I noticed yesterday whilst in charge of four dogs and my two kids, that my daughter has a huge amount of empathy for a dog. 

More so than humans. This is apparently a known phenomenon. It’s a complex form of dehumanisation. 

In other words, people that emphasise with animals are also more likely to dehumanise and thereby not empathise with humans – yep that’s her. They forget or are quickly able to blank out the “other” mind. 

At first, I thought it would be nice to get her an animal because it seems to bring out the best in her, but from my reading it seems it should actually be discouraged (to a reasonable extent). 

The tendency to reinforce the humanised empathy with an animal, can consequently reinforce the ability to dehumanise. Instead the little narcissist should be encouraged to notice what they are doing with actual humans. 

I love you like a dog, but …not like you actually are a dog. 


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