Fear of mediocrity (day 4)

This one makes me smirk. I have never feared mediocrity. Instead I have probably wished to be more mediocre sometimes. Poor me.

Have I ever not done something for fear of failing?

1. Nothing comes to mind… Instead all I can think of it plenty of times I gave something a go. The fear I have is being prevented from doing something BY a fear of mediocrity. 

I recall when I took this current job, being riddled with fear that I couldnt do it. I thought it would be revealed that I sucked – that I was at best mediocre. Maybe it has been proved, or maybe not, but it never stopped me from taking the role. 

I honestly don’t think I have ever knowingly stopped doing something because I feared being mediocre. 

Which is different from having the feeling. Of course I feel the fear and have the insecurity many times. 

Again I could be in denial here. 


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