Self discipline in 10 days (lol)

I am reading a …book… called self discipline in 10 days. 

I like the irony. 

It seems quick and I have skim read most of it in an undisciplined way. 

After the skim, I get the gist that the fella gives lots of seminars. He is American and writes ten pages when one would do. And I have gleaned that self discipline is a skill that can be learned. At any time. According to him. 

Think of it (he says) as the “director” or “conductor” of your psychological processes. 

But there is a shadow of your personality trying to subvert you in your quest to self discipline. He calls it Hyde. And this shadow of Hyde is all based in fear. 

Looks like each day of the ten days is facing a fear by writing something. 

Me likes the sound of this. 

Fun! Start writing NOW!



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