Fuck you Judgy you 

As we get to know someone I suspect we start to guess where or what their layers are hiding. 

I also suspect we know when someone is behind layers. 

This morning my friend told me a story of her girlfriend who hired a PI to prove her partner was having another relationship. My friend was appalled. 

I don’t know who I felt more sympathy for: the man living like a hermit behind his layers, or the woman that was so judgemental she forced him to hide. 

I think people hide behind their layers because they fear to show themselves to you. I think if someone is hiding from you then they fear your judgement which is why they aren’t telling you about it. You made them feel it was only safe to hide. Fuck you Judgy you. 

Hehe – just making myself laugh because that’s not how other people see it at all. 

Yeah i know it’s much more complicated than that, and both parties own different parts of the debacle.  



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