Even more on layers

It probably even looks more like the attached. 

It’s hard to peel off layers which are on top of a pile of layers, because you lose a lot of ego attachment. 

The fewer layers that you have the easier it gets to peel them away. And the easier that it gets to tolerate when someone else throws off one of theirs because there’s possibly net sum less lost or something magical.

I’m only so fascinated because last night a layer of someone was peeled off before my eyes and it hurt like fuck. Nothing actually happened to me but my body went nuts, and it is still not quite right. Although it’s getting better. It took a few blogs though. 

The feeling must be the dissonance. The removal of some of the ego attachements and the reordering of the information. 

Even with a strong core bond, you couldn’t throw off multiple layers at once. It would have to be done gradually. And any hint as to a lack of receptivity from the other, likely only stymies the process; or a layer is added. Imagine how kids are busy layering up in response to their environment. And how unnecessary it really is. 



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