I am motivated by getting people to do stuff. 

It sounds easy. 

One variation is to persuade them to something. 

To like me, to meet me, to buy something, to try something. To give me something, to love me to tolerate me to entertain me. 

 It makes me good at opening sales opportunities. In fact, I would say I am super excellent at creating sales opportunities by getting meetings. I can get people to do stuff. I am relentless and creative. 

But what for?

After two years in sales, I started to realise that I like getting people to do stuff, …simply for the game of getting people to do stuff. 

Give me a target – a company or a person – and I’ll get you a meeting or I will make a relationship. But then what. 

Apparently, I need to be paired with a closer. A sort of psychopath that takes my little dead mouse and consumes it and turns it into protein. Perhaps that’s satisfying to watch. Like watching Fred West chop up the victims. 

Turning the talent into something more meaningful, is getting people to do stuff that helps them on the inside. 

That same trait take makes me hunt down a meeting with a target for sale, will have me hunting down an archetype fooling himself about his recent marriage breakup. I will use the same desire to influence people for a seemingly more meaningful purpose. 



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