Multiple world 

I got to thinking and feeling in to how confident I feel in spiritually stuff. My approach to it and exploration of it. It’s such a none issue with no ego attached to it. 

What I like about it is the stark contrast with how I feel about the business world. And not for the reason of dwelling on why I feel that insecure way; nor for the reason of realisation that I’m in the wrong spot, but for the understanding that I don’t have to feel this way about business. 

There’s another way to be if I can work out either 1) why I am such a natural leader in one world; and 2) why I am blocked and subservient in the other. 

(Unless it’s inate but then I’m  fucked. But I’m of the view almost nothing is inate and can be shifted with enough effort. (Which could be the optimist in me)).

There can’t be just two worlds as I have taxonomied. I have decided upon seven which I based on chakras: 

1. Spiritual world

2. Business/academic world

3. Community (social world)

4. Family (love and relational world)

5. The world of the self (inner world)

6. Artistic/creative world 

7. Animalistic/Id world (aka he one we experience following a zombie apocalypse) 

The test for whether you are comfortable in the world is whether you would voluntarily counsel/mentor others (and enjoy it) using to your own approaches as an absolute stable given. 



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