View from atop

Finally figured out why the hippies give me the shits. 

Because I am just like them when it comes to the world of business. Confused, in awe, needy of encouragement, desirous to find some way to make a difference, submissive and subservient. A general state of not really understanding what’s going on so mixing up a cocktail of conformism, cargo cult and insecurity. 

In spirituality, I don’t feel like that at all; I feel very confident that I know exactly what I am doing even though I base that on nothing. I have an inherent knowing inside of me. In terms of spirituality, I could explore everything, be fascinated by all different techniques, and ultimately do something my way with complete confidence. It’s curiosity across the board but only for my own spring boarding. The way other people go about it, is a total mystery to me in the insecurities. 

Not in beeswax. In this world, I feel different. Now I see the extent of this problemo. 



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