I follow a bunch of hippies on FB. Mostly they are harmless. Sometimes they are amusing. Today they need someone to step in and tell them to quit being such a bunch of supercilious fuckwit nuggets. But I don’t want to harm them, so I am leaving them be. 

Looking at them, I feel that I am so far past where they are at that I can’t even hardly bear to watch themselves tangle themselves up in wool. And I know it’s pointless to intervene with any useful comment because they have a process they are wedded to working through and who am I to tell them anything. It’s a very odd feeling. 

Today the subject is relationships and how women push their men away and get “crazy”. And men label women, and women emasculate their fellas. The thinking is that this could all be solved by a few workshops. Mostly I think they are in a frenzy making workshops. 

At least one person has pointed out that the initiator of the thread is doing a lot of blaming and that, in fact, what can work for a relationship is if you own and resolve your own issues… and then everything should be fine. 

Relevantly, not a single one of them appears to be in a relationship. They all use the excuse that they don’t want to be constrained. 

As someone that has paddled down the autopsychoanalysis river somewhat:  personal work is a part of it; but personal work done solo does not compare to personal work done relationally. 

In other words, working your own shit out with another person that you are ronantically involved with is not for the feint hearted. The chances that you will get it right are slim. 

Apparently I am a unicorn. And I got lucky and met another unicorn. We are (or no one is) the slim. What are the chances. Thank his lucky rainbow farts. 



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