In Town Hall, Trump tells us he’s pro-choice – no… pro-life – oh yeah… pro-choice. 

He states this without really knowing deeply how he feels about it. 

The interviewer does that interviewer-thing which is to vigorously pursue the line of inquiry whilst feigning outrage. Trump, despite his shaky ground, does not twitch. He continues to maintain his tenuous view despite attempts at riling. Even I felt awkward. But Trump was unshakable. 

Is it a huge empathy fail, or a ginormous delusional self-esteem, or just a zero-care factor? In any case, he is possibly the second most interesting man on the planet. 

In an video clip, cobbled together by the mentally ill (disguised as “passionate”) he shares his pro-choice – I mean, pro-life views. They change over time. 

Specifically, he shares a story about a friend who’s wife was pregnant and his friend wished for her to abort. She did not (presumably Donald didn’t give a hoot at the time either way) and the baby was born. The baby turns out to be the apple of her daddy’s eye. So Trump uses this ditty as justification for his pro-life view. 

As far as arguments go it’s a pretty shit one. But it sits in Trumps heart – his inner sanctum. He related.

Trump can substantiate a very broad view based only on one personal scenario. (As an aside: This is akin to generous Australian patent laws pre-raising the bar. Which I always thought we’re weighted heavily in the favour of the cunning and entrepreneurial). He can find all arguments for pro-choice debunked by one good persona argument to the contrary. 

Rather than being afraid, one would think the manipulative politicians in Washington would get busy using this trait to their advantage. 

Notwithstanding his ability to form views based on datum (rather than big data), trump can also change his views over night. If his daughter Ivanka got knocked up and wanted to terminate because she had some big business going down, I have no doubt Trump would support her, and his opinion would turn on a dime. 



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