Disgust discuss 

Here’s a curious. 

My friend told me this morning that she saw some brain-study on the telly* that states that those that tend to feel the emotion “disgust” are more likely to vote conservatively. 

*so it must be true 

Apparently such studies can be used to teach candidates how to sway voters. 

The opposite must be true I suppose: that those that can tolerate disgust tend to be radical thinkers?

A reason it piqued my interest is my daughter often dwells in disgust and, I reckon she can tend towards conservative views. Conservative in the form of conformist or “should-be-this-way”. 

So what is it about the disgust? A sort of horror that things aren’t a certain way. Which makes me think those that feel disgusted have expectations/issues. A need to be in control or be controlled. 

This could be an evolutionary thing. Beings that followed the rules and felt disgusted by a lack of obeyance (or certain acts, scenarios or functions) perhaps tended to survive. 

And on the flip side to mix it up there were the non-conformists busy breaking the rules absent any disgust. These ones survive through their cunning. 



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