When we are told something, our brains can glean the top 10-18% of the new information. 

If I see a presentation on an entirely new subject matter alls I might learn is the concept. As I become a subject matter expert: I might learn from a presentation factoids on slide 8 about the specifics of filing patents in India. We filter out what we know, but then only take in a small percentage of the new bit. 

When I was at high school, we studied Shakespeare: Othello. And, all I learned was that sometimes a person can write in a really complicated way (new concept). We took it in turns in class to read the play out loud, and spent ages analysing what Shakespeare meant. Which made no sense to me at all at the age of 14, because why did he not just say what he meant in the first place. 

I recall learning about methods in the play, like soliloquies. But I do not recall once being told about the passion; the art; and how it could move you. Likely my teacher had no passion. Perhaps she tried to tell me, but anyway it was miles beneath my iceberg of 10-18%. 

The only way to have gotten the point across perhaps, would be to have done the play over and over so as to stop my brain focusing on the content, or story, and start opening it to see the vibe of the thing emerge in the learning. Force the 10-18% of new stuff to be the vibe. My guess is a good teacher can do that by short-cut using enthusiasm. But I suspect it’s hard to keep that up. 



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