I do not place much value on …?

1. Education…?
Go figure. I’m not sure why because I think an education for my kids is so important. Possibly I take it for granted so I don’t ascribe any value. If I was in a remote place I would educate my kids myself because an ability to question is so important. 

I think I value education more than I think. 

2. Work ethic …?

This I don’t value because I don’t think it can be changed. I expect it’s innate. 

3. Politeness / social grace …?

I expect it but I don’t value it? 

Hang on.

I think these things I don’t value are things I don’t have any control over: Intelligence, work ethic and manner. 

I can try to help my kids in the direction of these things, but ultimately I have to accept them for the standards they achieve. 

Probably these things are all clashing with my “acceptance” value. Which aligns with the belonging value. Ultimately I am very accepting and forgiving of all persons provided I am pretty sure that I have met the persons development edge and not a persons proclivity. 

I don’t think you can show a child how to be intelligent, hard working, and graceful other than through example. 

My values as a parent come down to the environment I provide and not to them as people (as attached to my hopes and fears as to how they might turn out). Although I worry about that of course. 

My job is to create the vibe, cook the food, provide the love. Other than that I think they have to do all of the heavy lifting. Nothing I do to try to directly came their character can really change them. 



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