Art mimicking life 

Easily my most favourite news subject is Donald Trump. I google him every day. 

One reason I am so fascinated is that it’s like a story with no ending yet. But I can think of all kinds of twists and turns it might take. 

Will the GOP endorse him; will he be forced to be independent; will they assassinate him; will he be sworn in wearing a leprechaun outfit; will he punch someone; will he win the whole thing and collapse an entire economy. It’s stuff that one could only find in a TV season. 

How fast could they make a TV season? They could do all fake behind the scenes. Have a whole trailer of wigs that he chooses from everyday. They wouldn’t have to work hard to get laughs. 

Someone once told me that when life becomes satirical art, without requiring any modification, we have a problem. He’s probably right. 



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