Blue ties

Here is one thing I can tell you, Donald Trump has made US politics interesting. For example, I have read all about Super Tuesday today. And who would have cared about it before now.

Basically, before the “main” election, each state in the US holds primary elections in order to select the candidates that will ultimately compete for the presidency. The primary elections are held up until June, but it just so happens that on Super Tuesday, more states than any other hold their primaries, and over half of the available votes are up for grabs. Hence the “super” dooper tag.

It looks like Clinton (Democrat – blue) and Trump (Republican – red) have cleaned up at Super Tuesday. But we wont know the final result for who is the relevant candidate until all the primaries are finished. California looks to have theirs in June.

Trump seems to have split the Republican party in to factions. Some of the extremists love him, while others seem disgusted. The Republication party is referred to (in some of the news) as the GOP  – I have now discovered this is the Grand Old Party. Some newspapers have decided to stop using the GOP acronym, notably The Wall Street Journal; I don’t know why: Maybe they felt its only real merit was that it was Old. In any case, the party line seems to be that they will support Trump, although many die-hard party members have vowed not to vote for him. It would seem, that some party members are so against him that they claim they will vote for Hilary Clinton. They avow this, despite the fact that the outcome being Democratic will likely change the flavour of the Supreme Court… or something. I vaguely recall from House of Cards, and the West Wing that the president gets to pick the judgy nominees. Apparently, this is a big issue for the Republicans.

I like Trump because he isn’t political. He has a sort of bumbling honesty that is refreshing, but whether this is enough to put him in the Oval Office is a big question mark. It has crossed my mind that he is actually a Democrat fucking with the Republicans. I saw him the other day displayant of a blue tie as if to say, this is fun isn’t it? And it would explain the caricature – he cant really be that orange and racist… can he? His goal, set way back could have been to destroy the GOP from within, exposing the haters and creating switchers to the double blues. If that was his goal, its working.



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