Check Mate 

I can’t see what’s to hate about chess, but I think the point is somewhere hidden in that statement.

Anyway, I like playing it with my little son because his brain is so gorgeous. He thinks ahead a few moves and to be honest he’s probably about as good as me except I can think ahead a bit more. It won’t be long before he can beat me though. I’m reckless and thoughtless in chess. 

The thing I like is that in trying to win, he’s just trying to work out the puzzle. He doesn’t really care if he wins or not he’s just enjoying the challenge. I can tell. And he giggles when I beat him, and I explain how I did it. He loves it when he didn’t see it coming. 

Maybe to hate chess is to hate to play against people who move from that state (of fun), to an ultimate desire to win at all costs. Even though it’s only a game. It’s like the psychology of submission but to no pointed end and it becomes a slithery academic dominance of sorts. A sort of pasty human, desirous of conquer of another brain in plastic military pieces. 

I can’t see what’s to hate about chess unless you fear your brain might go to that pasty place too. Oooooooo



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