I like the colourful little things 

I just read some whiny guys article about them. Basically he was complaining that people take the whole thing so seriously. Just because someone says your heart chakra is here (point to chest), and is green, it doesn’t mean it is so. And further more, he whinnies, who says there are seven. He appeared to have done some research which has revealed to him that, guess what, the ancient teachings were much more fluffy and that there can be lots of energy centres. All over the place. 

Insert roll eyes. 

Do people really need to be told this stuff isn’t prescriptive? Do people really need to be told everything is open to interpretation? Why not take almost all things as a guide within which to explore. I could care less if I agree with another’s view of things. An ability to avoid prescription is much more fun. I chose to reject other people’s dogma. I chose my own. Although sometimes I admit I get too close and don’t see that I’m inside a dogma habit. It’s helpful when people point that out. 

Anyways, chakras. Of course, they are just a guide to how we feel in our body’s; almost just providing a verbal template for wankiness. Our bodies are much more capable of things than they let on I reckon. Forget the mysteries of the brain, it’s the mysteries of the body I am interested in. Chakras tease it out. The creature. 



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