Let it go 

I just had an amazing body work session with a gorgeous woman. She is committed to showing women how to connect to themselves and their bodies and she’s really good at it. 

Starting on my back, she gave me the gift of her touch and presence. She was very loving and slow. 

Once I was flipped like a big oily coconut she started to work on my belly and pelvis. The room was dark, the sheets were red, the music was Moroccan, the candles were fragrant. As she activated something with her fingers I felt my hands go numb. Then my whole body was on fire and my hands were burning with pins and needles. I don’t like it, I exclaimed; but feel into it she whispered. I started to cry big fat tears running down my face. She kept pressing into the soft flesh around my lower middle presumably setting loose some trapped feelings. 

My hands wanted to move so I curled them through the air and shook them and clenched and wiggled my fingers. Then again winding tendrils with my fingertips. 

It’s a lot of trapped energy, I whispered. It’s the energy that was created in me and its trying to leave. I don’t want to let it go. Tears ran down my face; and I moaned a little; and sobbed; let it go she said gently, back to the conscious-whole let it go back to love. And rainbows and blue sparks left my fingers as I cried like a mother for my lost child. 

And I loved it, as I let it fly away. 



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