Injustice Manifest

Dear Sirs,

Re: Notice Number xxxx137

Thank you for your recently letter informing me that my speeding fine cannot be waived and that you do not intend to issue a caution; I appreciate your comprehensive supporting explanation.

I understand that I can elect to have this issue dealt with by a Court. This sounds very frightening. However, I feel that this speeding fine is unfair. And, I think the amount of $157 is an unreasonable penalty under the circumstances.

With this in mind, I elect for a Court Hearing and I enclose the paperwork in support of this.

I understand that speeding is considered to be a life endangering offence. In this instance, the fact is that I drove into a dark lifeless tunnel and the speeding zone transitioned from 90kmh to 80kmh; I slowed down, but it appears in error I did not adjust my speed as quickly as I should have and an electronic device has captured my human behaviour.

My E-Tag records will reveal that I have driven in the Legacy Way tunnel many times. On other occasions, presumably my driving has been acceptable. Whilst I make every effort to observe speeding signs and to adjust my speed accordingly, unfortunately, unlike the camera, I am not a robot.

I ask again for leniency but if that is not available, please be nice to me at Court.

Warm regards,



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