Good vibration 

Whilst on some level I dislike the goods and mes hypothesis because it is divisive, I cannot help but have a feeling that I can star some and not others. There’s something in it. 

And not all behaviours fit some of my starry eyed. Sometimes the person I star as good can be selfish and self-serving but somehow I know in my gut they are a good. And the me can be kind and generous but I know their star has been applied by McBean (the Dr Suess character making all the money with his star-on machine). 

The “goods” to my mind are those whose values I have judged as generally communal as opposed to self-serving. The “mes” I have judged as self-serving first. It makes me wonder if the goods are just really smart mes that realised the true value of altruism. 

I also wonder if the taxonomy as I apply it is universal or if my own status and value set biases my labelling of others. I wonder if I am wearing star-shaped glasses.

I think all mes evolve towards goods. I think disillusioned goods can relapse into mes. I think we are born somewhere along the string and it will take us time to find our final balled-up shape. At that time such labelling would be baffling, the only label of value being the one that makes good of us all. 



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