Poor people

so Jack MA seems to have some contempt for the poor people. He seems to think (as I read it) that they are a lazy unenthused bunch that are just waiting for life to happen to them. They don’t grasp opportunity by the throat; they don’t see and exploit opportunity when it taps (let alone knocks).

My guess is that Jack Ma has never really been a stupid poor person, or at the very least, he is a stupid poor person that got lucky and he sees that luck as skill. I could read about him on Wiki but, as the clever people say, my brain doesn’t care.

The reason the article appealed to me is that it speaks to those that are quite happy with their situation as it is. In this case the poor people. They are likely situationalists. The situationalist just accepts the situation for what it is with a shrug. And this seems to really frustrate and upset the people that are not situationalists. I know this because the other afternoon down the pub my situational philosophy was doing the nut of the conspiratorial crusader.

If I was a rich white lady sitting in a gown above the unwashed masses, I’m not sure it would bother me much. Likely, I would just accept my situation although I would do my best not to be cruel to the plebes. If I was a stupid poor person, sitting in the mud looking up at the chick in the gown, I’m not sure it would bother me much either. I would go home, put my grubby kids to bed, eat some hard bread and cheese, spend the evening smoking and drinking cheap wine and cigarettes and then get royally fucked by my gorgeous squeeze, who would be a hard working blacksmith with dirty fingernails and a fantastic arse. Alls I am saying is that I don’t think I would mind either of the situations.

Looking at a group (e.g. peasants) and lamenting that they don’t foster change to be more like you, seems to say more about you than them. And furthermore, it seems very likely that the person who says such a thing (being a non situationalist) is very likely miserable and unable to accept his own situation, whatever that might be.

I don’t think the poor people are waiting. They are perhaps fantasising, but ultimately, they don’t really want to do anything – or they would. I think they are just living.

Their Whole Life is About Not Writing Articles About Other People That Are Waiting





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