Do not harden

Today I saw a counsellor because a mental check revealed I might have been dealing with some big issues.

He agreed. 

A counsellor is a funny beast because he can only work on what he is told, with clues perhaps as to false logic. Typically, I head it all off at the pass, fixing logic and explaining behaviour, leaving him only with big picture flaws revealed in flippancy likely. I like his mirror. 

I knew what my problem is/was but I just couldn’t articulate it really. He got close. 

I just saw this (photo attached) on Facebook of all places. It’s how I feel:

I do not want to harden. Nor do I want to harden those around me. 

It’s so hard in relational situations to stay like a flowing gel. We all want to be free to flow. Once hard, we will just look for other places to flow anyway.  



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