Narcissism again !

I was thinking narcissism is empathy turned on the self. So if you can externalise your ability to feel and care for others, you must be able to internalise. 

But after having re-read the actual definition of narcissism (which relates to an inflated sense of self) I think narcissism is a sort of empathy fail on the self. 

So there’s a word missing here. What’s the word for looking at a person outside yourself and not judging them as good or bad but just feeling their situation, caring, understanding and accepting. Sympathy/Empathy?

Clearly, if there is an overinflated sense of that other person there’s something like delusional idolatry. 

And then what’s that word for looking at your own self and not judging yourself as good or bad but just feeling your own situation, caring, understanding and accepting it. Empathy again? 

Clearly, now when there is an overinflated sense of your own self it’s what we call narcissism. 

Bear with me here… 

So the empath claims to be the victim of the narcissist. The empath says that person thinks they are better than me. …? 

If you are really an empath you should see that they are practicing idolatry of the self and it has nothing to do with you. So it shouldn’t bother you only to say that the problem is that they didn’t practice that idolatry on you. 

If you idolise others likely you also tend to idolise yourself. 

I think all I got from that is that I still think I’m a narcissist. And I’m not sure I care. 



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