Karma Rama

I have deduced that when you interact with other humans in a big systematic emotional and relational pot, they tend to make little value judgements about you. They store information in their brain computers and like it or not they, the other humans, have long memories. 

So if you help someone, do something, lend them a book, let them borrow $5, cook them dinner, drive them to work they will remember it. It is stored in a big ginormous karma bank of human kind. And likely if they are in a position to help you, they will do it voluntarily. Good karma comes back at you. 

And visa versa, be a dick and avoid helping, fail to offer to pay for a small item, or be a stinge bag and ask for payment for something that has no value and you can expect that bad karma to also be vaulted. And it will come back at you. It might be the omission of someone to help you, or offer you something. You might never know that the negative bad Karma rama even happened.

Now here’s the best bit. If you try to gather good karma simply by being fake and helping and doing stuff, people will know and it will actually be stored as bad karma. Go figure. 

You cannot gather good karma on purpose because that’s bad karma. 

Now I tried to explain all this to my daughter… 



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