Narcissistic empaths 

Apparently empaths fall into patterns with narcissists. The narcissist is said to be a little vacuum cleaner for attention, and the empath is akin to a little positive pulse of energy. The two destructively orbit. The empath usually said to be the narcissists unwilling victim. 

Most people plead that they are on the empath side of the fence with complaints directed at the vampiric narcissist. 

However, my guess is that empaths and narcissists flick between the two states feeding of each other. They each occupy one state or the other for equal periods of time.  They need each other. 

In other words as soon as you complain about being sucked in by a narcissist …you are the narcissist. 

Yesterday afternoon I spent a while talking through some things with a proclaimed empath. Some of his complaints were of a narcissist partner who had broken his heart. However, for a claimed empath he really was very self focused and not much able to see her point of view. This leads me to believe he was expressing his narcissist, whilst complaining about her narcissist. 

Am I the empath or the narcissist in that story? Well upon reflection and consideration I have spent a good deal of time thinking about myself. So yesterday I was the empath and today I’m the narcissist. I don’t mind it that way. They are two sides of the same trait. 

It’s worth bearing in mind. As soon as you hear yourself being the empath you know you must be the narcissist too. Even if you can’t see it. 

And one thing of which I am almost certain is that only the narcissist would by a book entitled: how to take revenge on a narcissist. And that narcissist will always claim to be the empath. 



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