A groundhog of hoaxes 

What if someone convinced the Internet that someone convinced the internet that Bill Murray nominated for president.  

Where does it end?

In any case, I think that little ghostbuster might have done the deed himself. 

See this as evidence that this isn’t the first media hoax he had been involved in: http://www.newsweek.com/media-was-tricked-thinking-bill-murray-can-steal-2-million-wu-tang-album-403746

Oh and here’s another: http://en.mediamass.net/people/bill-murray/deathhoax.html

And yep…another: http://antiviral.gawker.com/the-dude-himself-fell-for-a-fake-news-sites-big-lebowsk-1683534253

And without wishing to labour the point:  http://www.imediaethics.org/bill-murray-stopped-a-bank-robber-in-tokyo-nope-another-media-hoax/b-image-4476-jpg/

I would say that’s almost a groundhog of hoaxes. 



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