I haven’t googled yet, but as I recall it Salvador Dali was actually commissioned to create a new type of art. He was told: give us something different, something that isn’t a kind reproduction of the puffy cellulitey goddess before us. Or the bowl of proverbial fruits. 

So Dali was forced out of the cultural comfort zone and into the surrealist. As it turns out that likely was his comfort zone. My recollection is that he was a total nutter. 

On 1 march 2002, Ronnie and I took a bunch of friends to a Dali show at the Adelaide fringe festival. It was quite hilarious and involved lashings of nutty and nudes (the actors not us). Afterwards some friends bought us a Dali to hang in our house. It was a minus one year wedding anniversary present. 

I have never analysed the elephants. 



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