Decisionism – a new app business 

My great idea over lunch is the disintermediation of the patent court system. 

As Uber is to taxis, and Airbnb is to hotels, “Decisionism” is to patent courts.

Simply lodge your grievance and the facts and await either invalidation of rights or support for their inherent validity. Then an award as to costs. Upon reaching a statistically relevant number of opinions. As attested to by millions of experts who each receive some incentive for their opinion- crowd sourced attorneys bored at home or something.

We could all work full time for Decisionism. Like Uber drivers. In fact, depending on how often you get it “right” your opinion could be worth more and more, this likely being incentive enough for most egocentrics. Although allegations as to bribery and decision fixing would result in a demerited rating, the system ultimately self correcting. 

In order to launch my product apparently I am going to need to do a reality TV show to get some juicy social activity. It’s like a sequel to Shark Tank. Only people get eaten. 



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