The other night I stated that I am not a feminist. After having discovered what feminism actually means (by wiki definition), I wonder whether my statement was wholly accurate. 

It would seem that (in short and paraphrased) feminism is the support of equality for women. 

The problem that I have with feminism or feminists is that they don’t often tend to equality. Instead they seem (to me) to push for more than equality. They want positive discrimination. Tantamount to desiring the opression of masculinism. 

In which case, I often feel feminists are hypocrites. See photo context in which there is “ladies only seating”. The hypocrisy creeps in when you consider the opposite of such a feminist idea.

Instead I am an equalitist. I don’t know if that means I’m a feminist and a masculinist. I believe in equal rights for all. Which means sometimes women will get screwed over. It’s just true that sometimes we don’t have the balls that men have in some circumstances. And I think we have to suck that up or grow a pair.  



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