House Hunt

When searching for a place to live, people have to consider various things such as location, features, cost.

Having now exhausted myself with too much data (preferring the old days of word of mouth or circled newspaper adverts), I have found the following are my requirements. In this order:

  1. Cost. This I am forced to consider, but I will happily stretch myself for the right place. I want to spend less that  $500/wk.
  2. Number of bedrooms. It has to be at least three not negotiable, although I prefer a fourth.
  3. Interesting (good juju). A place which ticks every single box will be dismissed if it bores me. A place is interesting if it makes me laugh, makes my eyes pop out, or if it has something like 30 foot tree trunks running through the middle of it, or church like doors, or is perched 100 meters on a avalanche looking-hill overviewing the river.
  4. Pool. I just want one because it makes me panic less when it gets hot. Although an uninteresting place with a pool will be rejected.
  5. Air con. I can install ceiling fans and buy a portable unit, so this should be solvable. But its an important factor.
  6. Walk to something like a train or a bus or a shop.

Any other features that act as veto:

  1. Barking dog or dodgy looking neighbours
  2. Gross kitchen or bathroom
  3. Mould or unacceptable looking dirt
  4. No parking at all
  5. Bad juju.



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