16 Seconds of love 

I have a video clip of this man I love.

It’s dark and were are sitting in a bar. He has just finished telling me something important. 

And it was important. The gist of it was how to live a life with love, how to fill your heart and trust, and how not to let the weight of your own fear crush the spirits of enlightenment. 

Or something like that. 

In the video, he says nothing about any of that. He says I just have to remember the vibe. 

I watch it and I try to catch it. That vibe. 

He takes a long drag of his fag. He’s so cool, like Tyler in Fight Club. Desperately sexy, perfectly nonchalant. 

“And what about you?” He asks, staring directly into the camera. 

The way he looks makes my heart rate increase every single time. Or something happens in my heart chakra. All green and spikey. It rears up, and then dies, a puff into sublimation. 

And that’s it. 16 seconds. 

16 seconds of this man I love. 


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