This is an odd character trait. 

It seems to me you gotta have it, but also in order to sustain a romantic relationship, you gotta be able to check it at the door every once in a while. 
So long as the pride can slide on occassion, two hearts can connect. 

It’s almost that you can’t be proud and have your heart full of relational romantic love.

But the pride has to come back or it affects all kinds of other areas of your life – and eventually will piss your romantic partner off. 

This idea comes from watching Frank and Clare Underwood in House of Cards. They are both very proud people, and this carried over for too long into their relationship and caused trouble. Eventually, they both let the pride slide and they connected. That was enough. 

I think I can easily let my pride slide; it’s not an issue for me. Or maybe it would be with the wrong person I don’t know. In my past relationship, I think he could do it, but at some point it’s almost as if he didn’t pick his pride up again. This caused some confusion. 

Maybe the pride was discarded in an attempt to have constant connection. Anyway that’s a false path. 

I’m looking for someone that has pride, and that doesn’t mind letting that down through trust and for connection. But then dusts it off and soldiers on. Also someone that doesn’t always expect me to drop first, but sometimes is prepared to open without pride to me and trust I will meet it. 

In House of Cards, Frank and Clare opened to each other at the same time. The writers didn’t show one or the other as dominant or weak. Perhaps in a relationship, the dynamic is dictated by the silent battles of who swallows their pride, but is there without the other. The trick would be to always acknowledge it even when you can’t do it too. It’s probably enough. 



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