I have been watching some of the videos posted by Kyle Cease on his 100 day mediation challenge. He’s a bit annoying and American, but I like his style. 

One of the things he notes is that if you meditate for long enough you eventually start to become the witness of your thoughts, like they are a tv show. He makes it sound quite fun. He told a story today (day 8) about finding someone in the driving seat of “him” that was not who should be in control. And then only to give that up to the next narrator who thought he knew what he was doing. It’s told as comedic self reflection. 

Having done some basic reading on the subject it would seem that to be able to do that or tolerate that (the thought unravel)  you have to be prepared to face your deep and inner self. 

I think this article reveals that not everyone is ready, and further more some people are not ready for a reason. So there’s little point in pushing anyone anywhere. 

We are all at various stages of our enlightenment. Those that aren’t enlightened aren’t broken they are just in the dark or in the shadows waiting to emerge.


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