Oh I see now, the intention/behaviour interplay is the cognitive dissonance played out at the two extremes.

The intention reveals your thinking. The behaviour reveals your actual thinking.

In which case, this isn’t best a place for personal work; its perhaps a better place for relational work.

What I mean by relational work is the psychology counselling you can have with another person. The relational work is so valuable because it is much easier to see the spaces between  intention/behaviour in someone else, than it is in your own self.

The personal work can come once you have identified the problematic dissonances and you need to resolve the underlying issues. This explains why I have recently started to do more personal (not relational) work on myself. Before I was almost 100% relational (getting other peoples input in). Some of the issues I now deal with, I am simply privately blogging and thinking about to myself. That’s maybe because I have identified (sometimes more than once and from multiple angles) an issue, the next step is to work out how to shift it – and only I can do that.



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